Wild West Bead Society
The Wild West Bead Society (WWBS) was formed to:

- Promote the education, history and creative enjoyment of beads
- Promote the elements of personal adornment
- Teach the steps to creating jewelry using:
- Beads
- Natural stones
- Metal
- Clay
- Glass
- Wire
- Other materials
The Wild West Bead Society (WWBS) was formed in 2000 by a group of
beading enthusiasts to help others interested in beading and other
techniques find a way to share knowledge.

We provide informative, and relevant programs and workshops with locally
recognized artists in their fields.
Events, Classes, and Workshops
The WWBS sponsors Programs and Classes and Workshops by local and
visiting artists and designers.
The bead society wouldn't exist if it were'nt for the tireless efforts of
everyone in the  WWBS, led by a group of Officers and Committees, all
volunteers, of course!
Membership in the Society
Membership in the WWBS is for the calendar year from January thru
December.  Membership fees are $
30.00 for those who join the society
by sending in a completed Membership Form with the applicable fee.
To write us, e-mail us or speak with someone about the Society, please
see our page of Contacts.